April 2021 ColPac eNews

April 2021 ColPac eNews
April 1, 2021 ColPac eNews from Columbia Pacific Maritime.

This April 2021 ColPac eNews edition celebrates our one-year anniversary since we relocated from NE Portland to our new home in Coos Bay, Oregon. A big thanks to Southwestern Oregon Community College for making this move possible.

April 2021 ColPac eNews: School News

One-year ago today (April 1, 2021)

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime completed the last course in our NE Portland, Oregon location on March 29, 2021. With the help of friends and family, Pat and I spent the next two-days packing up the house and school. The evening of March 31, 2020 we left Portland in a caravan of vehicles heading for Coos bay. We arrived shortly after midnight on April 1. And then spent the month of April setting up the school in our new location. The first class was offered on May 4, 2020. And the school has been busy ever since.

April Schedule

The school is closed March 29 – April 4 for Easter. Courses begin April 5, 2021. May courses are filling quickly. Please call Pat at 503-861-6066 to schedule a course. Our full schedule of course offerings is available on our website.

The newest course offering is Celestial Navigation 200-ton. This 5-day, $800 course will satisfy the USCG exam requirements for the upgrade of a Master or Mate 200-ton or less from Near Coastal to Oceans. Currently, this course is not on the schedule. But may be scheduled any Monday through Friday that classroom space is available. Please email Dennis for more information.

In the works

The National Maritime Center is currently evaluating a Tankerman-PIC (Barge) DL course. Approval is expected early to mid-summer. And we are hopping to add it to our late-summer and fall schedule.

The next course that I will be submitting for approval is Celestial Navigation 500/1600-ton. The intent of this course is to satisfy the exam requirements for the upgrade of Master or Mate 500 to 1600-ton Near Coastal to Oceans. And Master or mate of Uninspected Fishing Industry Vessels from Near Coastal to Oceans. And Master, Mate, or Apprentice Mate of Towing from Near Coastal to Oceans.

Watch ColPac eNews for updates on these two projects.

April 2021 ColPac eNews: Application and issuance delays

The latest news from the National Maritime Center is that applications are backed up 3 to 4 months. The recommendation is to get your application into a Regional Exam Center as-soon-as-possible. Even before taking the course. Use this link to check the status of an application that has already been submitted.

Application help and links to the required Coast Guard forms are available on Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime HOME PAGE.

April 2021 ColPac eNews: Questions and answers

I am always happy to answer questions relevant to MMC deck endorsements. Here are some of the ones I have answered the past few weeks. Email me your have a questions.

April 2021 ColPac eNews: Most common question asked

How to get a 6-pack license (or Master)

Can i get some info on a 6pack lic. What are the steps to this process and what is my first things i need to do?

The steps for applying for a USCG captain license (AKA Merchant Mariner Credential National Officer Endorsement) are outlined on the bottom half of the first page of my website (Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime School for professional mariners). Help pages and links to all the USCG forms is available also. Here is the short version:

1st Document your experience

Document your sea service experience on form CG 719S. Links to the Coast Guard forms are on my website. For the 6-pack you will need 360-DAYS over your lifetime. If you want a near coastal oceans route 90 of the 360-day total must be over the bar past the end of the jetties. If you don’t have enough days for the license than don’t waste your time and money with the remaining steps until you do. More information on the OUPV 6-pack endorsement.

2nd TWIC, first-aid, CPR

Enroll in the TWIC program. And take a standard first aid / CPR course. The first aid – CPR course should be from the American Red Cross (ARC). Or a course from another provider that can issue a course completion certificate with a USCG approval code.

3rd Physical Exam, drug screening, Coast Guard application form

Get a physical exam and DOT/USCG Drug screening using forms CG 719K and CG 719P.  And then complete the application form CG 719B. Be sure and have your signature on form 719B notarized. Link to the FORMS PAGE on the National Maritime Center website.

4th Pay the USCG fees and email to an REC

Pay the application fees online at the Gov.Pay website. And the scan the entire application package to a USCG Regional Exam Center (REC). The application package should include scan copies of all the CG forms; the TWIC enrollment receipt; first aid / CPR certificates; and receipt for payment. Link to the Email instructions.

5th Take the exams or an approved course

Take the exams at an REC OR complete an approved course. Completion of an approved course is accepted by the USCG in lieu of taking the Coast Guard exams. Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime offers an approved OUPV 6-pack course. And many other approved courses as well.

There you go. The order of the steps is not as important as the steps themselves. Most mariners take the course first. But it is not required to take the course before applying. If fact, we recommend that you apply before taking the course. Let me know if you have any other questions. We are here to help.

April 2021 ColPac eNews: Other questions and answers

Study materials

I am taking the Master class in a couple months and was hoping you could send me some study materials.

Everything that you need to know to pass the exams is covered in the class. There is nothing that should be studied before taking the class. However looking over some of the publications that should be aboard your vessel will enlighten you. Here is a list with links..

USCG Light List. Look over the information in the front (roman numeral pages).

US Coast Pilot. Chapter 1 contains general information.

Rules of the Road. These are the International and Inland Collision Avoidance Regulations.

Location Portland or Coos Bay

Did this (school) used to be in Portland or has in always been in Coos Bay?

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime was located in NE Portland, Oregon from 2006 through March 2020. In April of 2020 the school was relocated to Coos Bay, Oregon. We have been offering courses in Coos bay since May 2020.

Lifejacket Lights

Dennis can you share with me again what lights you pinned on your type 1 life jacket? I thought you mentioned using light sticks.

Light are required on Type I PFDs when carrying clients over the bar. Chemical light sticks, or battery power lights are acceptable. But the light must be USCG approved. Meaning it must have a Coast Guard approval number on it.

USCG Application

 I looked over the GC Application. Once filled out. Where do i send it. Didn’t see anywhere to send it. Unless i over looked it. Also what are those fees for that application. 

The application fee paid to the Coast Guard is $145. It must be paid online at the Pay.Gov website.

The entire application package must be emailed to one of 18 Regional Exam Center (REC) around the nation. I recommend Portland REC. There email address and the email instructions are at the bottom of the application instructions on the Home Page of my website

April 2021 ColPac eNews: Subscription

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Dennis Degner.

March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter
The mission of Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime is to assist mariners in getting their professional deck credentials. Providing USCG approved courses is what we do to meet this mission.

This March 2021 Newsletter starts off with course schedule and school updates. And then some employment opportunities. And finally some interesting questions I have received over email. Meanwhile, if you find the info interesting please subscribe. On the other hand, if you unsubscribe I will not take it personal.

March 2021 Newsletter: ColPac School Schedule

At this time all courses have space available. Walk-ins are welcome, subject to space available. But, calling Pat at 503-841-6066 in advance will ensure that you have a spot. Additionally it allows us to print the course materials. Our complete school schedule is available online.

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime is closed March 29 thru April 4 for Easter Break.

March 2021 Newsletter: School News

New web-address

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime (www.ColPacMaritime.com) has moved to a new online address. However, the old address continues to be active with a forward to the new site. Moreover the new site is dynamic and contains much info in a user-friendly format.

New Courses: Celestial Navigation

The school has received approval for Celestial Navigation 200-ton (ColPac 104). Consequently this course will satisfy the exam requirements for increase in scope for Master 200-ton or less from Near Coastal to Oceans. Because this course is not on the schedule at this time please call or email for more info.

Most important the approval of ColPac 104 sets the foundation for a 500/1600-ton Celestial Navigation course. Therefore this course should satisfy the exam requirements for the upgrade of Master of Towing Or Master of Fishing from Near Coastal to Oceans. Watch the newsletter for updates.

New Courses: Tankerman-PIC

ColPac has recently submitted a Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids course to the National Maritime Center. To clarify, this course will satisfy the exam requirements for Tankerman-PIC (Barge) DL. But will not meet any transfer requirements. Watch the newsletter for upates.

March 2021 Newsletter: Employment Opportunities

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime is looking for part-time instructors. Applicants must hold an MMC National Officer Endorsement. Teaching experience is desired, but not a requirement. Email Dennis for more info.

UnCruise Adventures is hiring Chief Mates, Bosuns, Licensed Deckhands, and Assistant Engineers for the summer sailing season in Alaska. Interested applicants should apply online today.

Pacific Salmon Charters in Ilwaco, Washington has opens for charter boat captains. Minimum license requirement is Master 50-ton Near Coastal. In addition the applicant must be available to pass a drug screening. Please contact Pacific Salmon Charters at 1-360-642-3466 or 1-800-831-2695; or email pacificsalmoncharters@hotmail.com.

March 2021 Newsletter: Questions and Answers

I am always happy to answer questions relevant to MMC deck endorsements. Here are some of the ones I have answered the past few weeks. Email me your have a questions.

Physical Exam

Hi Dennis, I am looking for a list of qualified locations in the Portland area where I can get my physical completed. I thought at one time you had a list on your website but I am not seeing it. Do you have a list? Thank you.

Form 719K states that any physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner may conduct the physical. That said, I recommend health occupation clinics because of their experience with these type of physicals and paperwork. Portland has two recommended clinics. Concentra Medical Center has three locations in the Portland area. And NW Occupational Health Center in SW Portland.

Sea Service Experience

Hi Dennis… Do you happen to know if the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico is considered shoreward or seaward of the demarcation line for near coastal qualification purposes? …

The 72 COLREGS governs vessels operating in the Sea of Cortez. Consequently the Sea of Cortez is Near Coastal experience. It is that simple.


Do I need full STCW for 100/ 200 Master, 1600 Mate fishing?

No. STCW does not apply to uninspected fishing vessels or vessels less than 200 GRT. However you do need Advanced Firefighting for Master or Mate of Uninspected Fishing Industry Vessels. The Master / Mate of Fishing vessel course I offer will cover all exams and requirements.

February 2021 ColPac Newsletter

This is a quick note to get some information out to the industry.

MMC and Course Completion Certificates

Update on Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMC) that expire between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The expiration date has been extended for one-year, or until October 31, 2021, whichever is earlier. However, mariners working on expired credentials must carry the expired credential with a copy of this notice. In addition course completion certificates that expire between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 are also extended until October 31, 2021

View the notice >>

Employment Opportunities

Pacific Salmon Charters in Ilwaco, Washington has opens for charter boat captains. Minimum license requirement is Master 50-ton Near Coastal. In addition the applicant must be available to pass a drug screening. Please contact Pacific Salmon Charters at 1-360-642-3466 or 1-800-831-2695; or email pacificsalmoncharters@hotmail.com.

Best Question of the month

I’m getting ready to voluntarily drift for the night, not broke down or having any issues and I’m wondering if you can confirm proper nav lights for me. Boats policy has been red over red but the more I think about it the more I want to make sure.

Email your questions to dennis@columbiapacificmaritime.com

Red over red indicates the vessel cannot maneuver because of an exceptional circumstance. Meaning a mechanical malfunction and you no other choice but to drift uncontrollably. The correct lighting for drifting by choice is power-vessel lights. That said, while the display of two all-round red is not correct for drifting by choice, it is a custom for drifting without a proper watch or lookout in many fleets. I believe the intent is understood.