Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids.Why would anyone want to be in charge of the transfer of dangerous liquid cargoes. You do it for the money.

Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids. That sounds ugly. Why would anyone want to be in charge of the transfer of dangerous liquid cargoes. Let’s get real. You do it for the money. Meaning that Tankerman are well paid to safely transfer dangerous liquid cargoes.

Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids (COLPAC-491) class.

This begs the question, “how do you make a dangerous job safe?”. Firstly, safety is a learned skill. Secondly, classes like the Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids class offered by Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime teach good safety skills. And, lastly, a 30-year veteran Tankerman who actively works in the industry teaches this 5-day, $800 class.

What do you get out of this class? In short, you will receive a course completion certificate that satisfies the USCG exam requirements for Tankerman PIC (Barge) DL.

What else required? In conclusion. after completing this class, you have 5 years to document 60 days of service on tank vessels and participate in 10 cargo transfers to qualify for the tankerman rating.

Tankerman PIC class schedule – please call Patty at 503-841-6066 to register.

Class Subjects

  1. General Information. An overview of the rules and regs for tankerman. Including the tankerman’s job, and how to document transfers and qualify for the tankerman rating.
  2. Operational Safety Info. Firstly, this is about tankerman terms, regs, and standard operating procedures. Secondly, it lists the steps to take before, during, and after the transfer. Lastly, includes the equipment systems, inspections, emergency equipment, and the paperwork required.
  3. Tank Safety. Confined space entry procedures and personal protection equipment (PPE).
  4. Bulk Shipment of Chemicals. An intro to tankerman references, certain dangerous cargoes, and how to use the Chemical Data Guide.
  5. Pollution Control. A detailed look at pollution laws, the tankerman’s responsibility, and oil transfer procedures.

Class Objective

By the end of this five-day class the tankerman trainee will:

  1. Understand their obligations and responsibilities under Pollution Prevention Regulations for the loading and discharge of dangerous liquid cargoes.
  2. Have the knowledge of procedures and policies to safely handle dangerous liquid cargoes while protecting lives, property, and the environment.

Class Entry Standards

The ideal tankerman trainee has several qualities. Firstly, they are detail oriented. Secondly, they are capable of reading and following step-by-step instructions. Thirdly, they are responsible. And lastly, they are good at paperwork. But the class is open to all mariners who intend to have immediate responsibility for loading, unloading, and handling of dangerous liquid cargoes.


In conclusion, the next class is on January 8, 2024. Give us a call at 503-841-6066 or email dennis@colpacmaritime for more info.

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