AB and Tankerman Ratings

AB and Tankerman Ratings

To explain, AB and Tankerman Ratings are for experienced deckhands. In truth, they are commonly overlooked by many small boat operators. That is to say, everyone wants to be captain. But there are some great jobs with good pay for deckhands too. In any case, these ratings are required to work on seagoing vessels greater than 100 GRT (about 65-feet), like tugboats. Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime offers classes for both the AB and Tankerman ratings. However, if you want to work a seagoing tug, but have no experience than you need to get an OS >>

Tankerman (Engineer, Assistant, PIC)

There are several Tankerman ratings. To explain, the job of the Tankerman is to safely transfer dangerous liquid cargoes. In general, this rating requires, some experience on tank vessels. Secondly, some experience transfering liquid cargoes. And lastly, completion of an approved class within the past 5-years (ref: 46 CFR Part 13). That is to say, you have five-years after completing the class to get the experience and transfers.

To further explain these ratings. Firstly, PIC is the “person in charge” of the transfer. Secondly, the Assistant is a person who is qualified to help with the transfer. And lastly, the Engineer does the system maintenance and repairs. In short, all three must be knowledgeable of the federal regs. And most important, be capable of following those regs to the letter. At last, the next tankerman class is Nov 28, 2022. More info >>

AB (Able Body Seaman)

There are also several AB ratings. In short, these ratings require from 6-months to 3-years of experience (re: 46 CFR Part 12). However ,the AB Special is the most popular rating because it requires only one-year in any vessel, on any waters. So, most anyone who has spent much time around small boats will qualify for this AB rating. Furthermore, with the AB Special you can work as a deckhand on most any seagoing tug. In contrast, most tug companies need qualified ABs. Lastly, the AB is a well-paid member of the deck crew, with the AB bosun receiving the highest pay. In sum, the next AB class is Dec 5, 2022. More info >>

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