MMC Application Help

MMC Application Help

MMC Application Help: General

This page contains MMC Application Help. In short, the MMC application is a collection of documents and forms. And the bottom line is, any missing documents or forms will delay the application approval. So, pay attention to the details.

What is the MMC?

The Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) is a passport-style book issued by the USCG National Maritime Center (NMC). In short, it contains a mariner’s professional skills to work on US vessels carrying cargo or passengers for hire. These skills are listed in the MMC as endorsements. And there are several types of endorsements. More >>

How much will it cost to apply?

The cost of the MMC application is about $600 to $750. This includes the estimated cost of the physical exam, drug screening, enrollment in the TWIC program, First Aid / CPR class, and the USCG MMC application fee. This does not include the cost of the class or any associated travel, lodging, or meals.

What should I do first, the application or the class?

Note that it is not a requirement to submit an application to the Coast Guard before taking the course. However, ColPac Maritime does recommend it. This is because the course completion certificate for the class is valid for one year from the issuance date. Therefore, if you do take the class first, do not delay in getting the application sent into an REC.

Professional MMC Application Help

For license application help we highly recommend In short, they provide professional MMC application help at a very reasonable price. So, if all this seems a little overwhelming, check them out.

MMC Application Help: checklist

Here is a checklist of forms and documents required in the MMC application.

  1. Application for a Medical Certificate, form 719K (or a copy of a valid Medical Certificate issued by the US Coast Guard).
  2. USCG/DOT Drug screening, form 719P (or evidence of participation is a USCG/DOT random drug screening program).
  3. Document your sea service experience on form 719S (or a sea service letter on company letterhead).
  4. Copy of your TWIC (or receipt for payment for enrolling in the TWIC program).
  5. First Aid / CPR card dated within one-year of the application date (required for the original issue of an officer endorsement).
  6. MMC application form 719B.
  7. Receipt for payment of USCG application fees.

MMC Application Help: steps

Read and follow the instructions on the CG forms carefully. And then follow them exactly as written. Note that the order of the steps is not important. However, every step must be completed.

Step 1. Physical Exam

The best place to start is the physical exam. Especially if you might have any medical issues. Any USA licensed doctor, doctor’s assistant, or nurse practitioner may do the physical. But they must use CG form 719K Application for a Medical Certificate.

More info on getting a Medical Certificate >>

Help with CG form 719K >>

Step 2. Sea Time

Sea Time, or service, is measured in calendar days. And it is a record of your experience on boats. Use the Coast Guard (CG) form 719S to document your sea time.

More on sea time >>

Sea time list >>

Step 3. TWIC

All mariners must enroll in the TWIC program. Most important, save your receipt. And then, include it with your application. That said, the TWIC is optional for the renewal of an MMC for vessels of less than 100 GRT that do not have a security plan.

TWIC Enrollment Center Locater >>

Step 4. Drug Screening

Additionally, a drug screening is also required. The DOT/USCG Drug Screening form 719P is optional. But the instructions are on page 2 of this form, which also includes some options.

Step 5. First Aid and CPR Training

For your first Master, Mate, or OUPV license you must have First Aid and CPR Training certs. Firstly, the date of the class must be within one-year of the application date. And secondly, the USCG accepts American Red Cross training without question. But other training certificates must include a Coast Guard course approval code.

We recommend Mike Will at 541-217-6579 for First Aid and CPR training.

Step 6. Application form 719B

Application form 719B is required for all applications. Above all, if this is your first MMC, then your signature must be notarized.

Help with form 719B >>

Most important: If you answered YES to any question in Section III, Item 2 Criminal Record? Then you must also complete form 719C Disclosure Statement.

Step 7. Pay Fees

Go to the Pay.Gov website and pay the USCG fees. The fees for the original issue or upgrade of an MMC is $145. Firstly, the evaluation fee is $100 for the original issue of an officer endorsement. Secondly, the issuance fee is $45. And thirdly select “course in lieu of exams” for $0.00 (no fee) when taking an approved course. Most important, save the receipt, and include it in the application.

MMC Application Help: Regional Exam Center (REC)

Lastly, scan all this to a pdf file. And then, email the file to a USCG Regional Exam Center. We recommend Portland REC, but any REC will accept your file.

Locate an REC near you >>

View email instructions >>

Note: As of July 19, 2021, Portland REC is open for in-person visits. That is to say: they will accept your application, and fee payment over the counter. And they will apply the oath and witness your signature. However, they are not excepting drop-ins at this time. You must email them for an appointment at RECPortland@USCG.MIL

Portland REC info

  • 911 NE 11th Ave, Room 637
  • Portland, Oregon 97232
  • Phone (503) 231-2296
  • Fax (503) 231-6738

MMC Application Help: Conclusion

In short, applying for an MMC is not an easy task. In fact, if you made it this far, you are above average. But don’t forget: if you have any questions, contact us. Above all, our business is helping mariners. However, selling classes is what we do to stay in business.

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