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ColPac Maritime USCG approved classes

ColPac Maritime School Approved Classes

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime school has USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved classes for all captain’s licenses of 200-tons and less. In short, this includes approved classes for 6-pack (OUPV), Master and Mate, and Apprentice Mate (steersman) of towing. Additionally, we have approved classes for Able Body Seaman (AB), Tankerman, Radar and ARPA too. To explain, the USCG National Maritime Center has approved these classes for meeting the exams without taking the exams at the Coast Guard.

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Approved Classes for Captain Licenses

6-pack (OUPV) captain approved class

Firstly, the 6-pack (OUPV) captain is the most popular license for fishing guides and small tour-boats. This captain may carry up to six passengers on a powerboat of less than about 65-feet. Additionally, it may be used on inland or near coastal ocean waters.

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Master 100 and 200-ton approved classes

The Master is a bigger license than the 6-pack. To explain, the Master can run inspected vessels with more than 6-passengers, crew-boats, workboats, supply boats, ferries, and most other types of vessels too. This license is also for inland or near coastal ocean waters. In short, ColPac Maritime has USCG approved classes for both Master 100 and 200-tons.

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Apprentice Mate (steersman) of towing approved class

Firstly, a tugboat captain must have a license has Master of Towing. In short, this requires years of experience. But the Coast Guard has a three-step path to Master of Towing. In short, taking this class is the first step to becoming a tugboat captain.

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Approved Classes for Radar and ARPA

These classes are USCG approved for meeting both the National and STCW regs for all captains. Including OCINW on vessels greater than 500 GT (ITC). In sum, these classes are open to all mariners, but they should have a captain’s license or good chart plotting skills.

The Combined Radar Observer Unlimited and ARPA class will meet the regs for both Radar Observer Unlimited and ARPA.

The Radar Observer Unlimited class is a good class for all captains running radar equipped vessels.

The ARPA class is for OICNW or federal pilotage. In short, mariners taking this class must have already taken a Radar Observer Unlimited class.

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Approved Class for Able Body Seaman (AB)

ColPac Maritime offers an AB class that meets the written and practical exams for any AB rating.

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Approved Class for Tankerman PIC

The Tankerman PIC (person in charge) is responsible for the transfer of large amounts of hazardous liquids. This class meets the training and exam regs for transfers to and from tank barges.

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Approved Classes for Captain License Upgrades

ColPac Maritime offers many captain license upgrade classes. In short, the point of these classes is so the mariner can upgrade their license without taking the entire class again. In sum, these upgrade classes are for the exams only, the mariner must also meet the sea-time regs too.

Upgrade captain license size (make it bigger)

Note that these classes will increase the size of the license only. But they do not change the route.

The Master 100 to 200-ton upgrade class raises the tonnage limit from 100-tons or less to 200-tons.

The 6-pack to Master upgrade class raises the 6-pack (OUPV) to a Master 100-tons or less.

Upgrade captain license route (include more waters)

Note that these classes will change the route on the license only. But they will not change the size.

The 6-pack (OUPV) Inland to Near Coastal class will change the route of the 6-pack (OUPV) inland to include near coastal waters within 100-miles offshore.

The Master Inland to Near Coastal class will change the route of a Master or Mate 25, 50, 100, or 200-ton inland to include near coastal waters within 200-miles offshore.

The Celestial Navigation (200-ton) class will change the route of a Master or Mate 25, 50, 100, or 200-ton Near Coastal to an All-Oceans route. Meaning, no milage limit offshore.

Upgrade the captain license by adding another license (do more stuff)

Note that these classes will add another license without changing the size or route of the captain license.

The Commercial Assistance Towing class will add assistance towing to an existing 6-pack (OUPV) or Master 200-ton or less.

The Auxiliary Sail class will add sailing vessels to an existing Master or Mate 200-ton or less.

The Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing class will add Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing to an existing Master 200-ton.

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Approved Classes for License Renewal

Your license is good for five-years. And it can be renewed at any time before it expires. To renew log 360-days of sea-time in the past five-years on USCG form 719S. However, if you do have the time we offer renewal classes, so you do not lose your license.

The License Refresher class will meet the renewal regs for any 6-pack (OUPV), Master or Mate 200-ton or less license.

The Radar Renewal class will renewal any Radar Observer license.

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