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We have been helping mariners meet their professional training goals since 2006.

Originally in Portland. Now, Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime is located in Coos Bay, Oregon. Our mission is to assist mariners in getting Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) deck licenses. In other words, we provide Coast Guard approved courses for Master, Mate, and OUPV. And likewise we have approved courses for Able Seaman (AB), Radar, and ARPA too.

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime Physical Location

ColPac Maritime is located in the Newmark Center of the Southwestern Oregon Community College campus. The physical address is 2110 Newmark, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420. The office is in room 208 on the second floor. And the classroom is next door in room 207.

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime Contact Information

Phone: 503-841-6066. Best for course info and scheduling

Email: Best for license and application questions.

Mailing address: PO Box 360, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420.

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime Hours and Course Registration

The school is open from 7:30 AM to close 7-days a week. Consequently, our courses are scheduled over consecutive days. Therefore the mariner has no weekend down time during a course.

ColPac Maritime is closed for some summer vacation time. And a few holidays, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. View the full school calendar >>

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime Course Registration

To register for a course call Pat at (503) 841-6066. Registration requires payment of a $200 non-refundable deposit. And then you will receive an email invoice for the balance of payment. The balance is due one week before the first day of the course.

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime Refund Policy

Cancelations made up to 24-hours before the course start time will receive a full refund; minus the $200 deposit. However there is no charge to reschedule a course within 90-days of the original course. But remember, no show, no call, no refund!

Military and Law Enforcement Discount

ColPac Maritime is happy to give a 10% discount to veterans, active duty military and law enforcement personal. To receive this discount let Pat know that you qualify when you register. And then show your military or law enforcement ID when you show-up for the course.

USCG Approved Courses Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime Approved Courses

The Coast Guard accepts Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime course completion certificates in lieu of the Coast Guard exams. To clarity, no Coast Guard exams required after completing our course.

Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV, 6-pack captain)

The OUPV 6-pack captain may operate uninspected vessels carrying 6 or fewer passengers on inland or near coastal ocean waters. This license is nicknamed the “6-pack captain” because of the 6-passenger limitation.

Master 100-ton and 200-ton inspected vessel captain

The Master may operate 6-packs or vessels carrying more than 6-passengers on inland or near coastal ocean waters. Furthermore the Master may operate other types of vessels as well.

Able Seaman (AB)

Able Seaman (AB) is a deck rating for experienced sailors. In contrast, the Ordinary Seaman (OS) is the entry level rating for inexperienced sailors. If you do not have the sea service experience for an AB, then you should apply for the entry level rating of OS.

Apprentice Mate (steersman) of towing vessels

Apprentice Mate (steersman) is the first step to Master of Towing. Meaning this course is your first step from the deck to the wheelhouse.

Master (Mate) of Uninspected Fishing Industry vessels

Master and Mate of Fishing is a deck officer license for uninspected fishing industry vessels greater than 200 GRT.

Radar Observer Unlimited and Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)

Towing vessels and inspected vessels over 300 GRT require deck officers to have formal Radar training. On the other hand, ARPA is an optional STCW endorsement for seagoing vessels greater than 200 GRT.

Upgrade courses for Master, Mate, and OUPV

Upgrade courses increase the route or authority of an existing license. That is to say, they will satisfy the exams for the upgrade without retaking the full course. Consequently, ColPac Maritime offers a full selection of upgrade courses.

Mater, Mate, OUPV, and Radar Renewal Courses

License renewal requires documenting 360-days of experience within the past 5-years. However, mariners unable to document this experience may renew by completing an approved renewal course. Consequently, ColPac Maritime offers renewal courses.

MMC Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) Info

The US Coast Guard issues the Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). It is a passport-style book that contains the mariner’s professional qualifications in the form of endorsements. For example, Master, Mate, and OUPV are National Deck Officer Endorsements. While Able Seaman is a National Deck Rating Endorsement.

A mariner must apply to a US Coast Guard Regional Exam Center (REC) for an MMC. The application will include several documents and Coast Guard forms. Consequently the cost of applying for an MMC is around $500 to $600. However this cost does not include the course, or food and lodging.

It is not a requirement that the mariner submit an application to the Coast Guard before taking the course. However ColPac Maritime does highly recommend it.

Application Process Outline

A bit of advice when filling out the Coast Guard forms. Above all else, read and follow the instructions on the form. If you have any questions about, or need assistance with the application process call 503-841-6066, or email Dennis. We are here to help.

Sea Service Experience

Sea service is measured in calendar days. And it is a record of your experience on boats. Use the Coast Guard (CG) form 719S to document your experience.

More information on documenting sea service experience >>

Sea Service (AKA Cheat-sheet) Benchmarks post

TWIC Program

All applicants for the original issue of an MMC must apply for a TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credential). But a copy of the TWIC is not a requirement for the application. As a alternative a copy of the receipt for payment may be included.

TWIC Enrollment Center Locater >>

Physical Exam and Drug Screening

All applications must include a physical and drug screening. Any licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner may conduct the physical. Above all else, the physical exam must be on CG form 719K Application for a Medical Certificate.

In contrast the USCG/DOT Drug Screening form 719P is optional. Furthermore, drug screening alternatives are listed on the back of the form.

More information about the physical exam and drug screening form 719K >>

First Aid and CPR Training

The application for the original issue of a Master, Mate, or OUPV must include First Aid and CPR Training certificates. There are two important points to note here. Firstly, the date on the certificate must be within one-year of the application date. And secondly, the USCG accepts American Red Cross training certificates without further documentation. While all other training certificates must include a Coast Guard course approval code.

For First Aid CPR Training contact Mike Will at 541-217-6579.

Application for a Merchant Mariner Credential (CG form 719B)

All MMC applications must include the Application for a Merchant Mariner Credential form 719B. Most importantly, if this is your first application for an MMC the signature on this form must be notarized.

More information and help with form 719B >>

Did you answered YES to any question in Section III, Item 2 Criminal Record (Convictions and Drug Use)? Then complete form 719C Disclosure Statement for Narcotics, DWI/DUI, and/or other convictions.

Pay the Application Fees

Go to the Pay.Gov website to pay the USCG application fees. The fees for the original issue or upgrade of an MMC endorsement is $145. Firstly, the evaluation fee of $100 for the original issue of an officer endorsement. Secondly, the issuance fee of $45. And thirdly select “course in lieu of exams” for $0.00 (no fee) when completing an approved course. But, most important, the application package must include the payment receipt.

Regional Exam Center (REC)

The MMC applications must scanned and saved to a pdf file. And then emailed to a USCG Regional Exam Center. View email instructions >>

We recommend Portland REC, but any REC will accept your MMC Application.

  • Portland REC contact information.
  • 911 NE 11th Ave, Room 637
  • Portland, Oregon 97232
  • Phone (503) 231-2296
  • Fax (503) 231-6738

Locate an REC near you >>

In summary. Preparing a Merchant Mariner Credential application is not an easy task. In fact if you made it to this in the summary you are above average. But don’t forget that we are here to help. Please contact us if you have questions.