Some things I learned

Dennis (center) sharing some things I learned (knots) on the back deck of a small research vessel while underway.

Some things I learned Those of you that have taken a class from me know that I am about two things. Firstly: helping mariners. And secondly: learning new things. Consequently,… Continue reading Some things I learned

Tugboat Captain Made Easy

Tugboat Captain Made Easy. The bridge of a tugboat in the Straight of Juan De Fuca inbound approaching New Dungeness.

There are several ways to become a tugboat captain. But, Tugboat Captain Made Easy explains them in simple terms. Firstly, there is the direct route from deck to captain. And secondly, there are lateral routes for deckhands with more sea time.

Online or In Person

Online or In Person classes. Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime offers in person classes only. Because they have a higher success rate; take less overall time; and are very personal. And we pride ourselves in being personal.

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime offers in person classes only for three reasons. 1) In person has a higher success rate. 2) In person takes less overall time to complete. 3) In person is personal.