Licensed DeckhandA Licensed Deckhand generally has an OUPV or Master 25-ton license. They operate the small craft while working on the larger boat as a deckhand.

Licensed Deckhand Defined

The term “Licensed Deckhand” refers to a job title common to the small cruise ship fleet. To clarify, firstly the small cruise ship fleet are vessels under 100 GRT. And secondly, the mariner’s primary duties are that of a deckhand onboard the small cruise ship. However, they have the additional duty of operating the small craft associated with the cruise ship.

For example, these small craft take passengers on scenic nature tours and other short excursions. Additionally, they can transport passengers from the anchored cruise ship to shore. In summary, many of these small craft carry more than six-passengers. Thereby making them inspected vessels. And as such require a minimum license as Master 25-tons.

In conclusion, the benefit of the licensed deckhand is twofold. Firstly, the sea-time as deckhand on the cruise ship counts towards upgrading from 25-tons to 100-tons, and beyond. And secondly, the sea-time as Master of the small craft counts towards upgrading to Master 200-tons.

If you hold an OUPV license you may already have the sea-time needed for Master 25-ton. Check the following links for more info.

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Licensed Deckhand Job Available

Received in an email on March 17, 2022.

Licensed Deckhand Job.
Hiring licensed deckhands and unlicensed assistant engineers.

UnCruise Adventures is hiring Licensed Deckhand and Assistant Engineer for the Alaska Summer Sailing Season with April and May start dates.

UnCruise operates seven small passenger vessels (up to 86 guests) out of Juneau and Sitka, Alaska.

There are various perks including tip guarantee, on the job training, paid travel, tuition reimbursement, health care benefits (after qualifying), and internal growth.

If you have any students who are looking for work, we are hiring. All open vessel positions are posted on our careers page at

Interested applicants should apply online. We are reviewing applications as they come in and contacting qualified candidates within one week.