Tankerman PIC Class

Tankerman PIC

Tankerman PIC (Barge) (DL)

The Tankerman PIC is a rating for a mariner who has been trained in:

  • Firstly, the health and safety hazards of dangerous liquid (DL) cargoes.
  • Secondly, safety, pollution prevention, and DL cargo transfer ops.
  • And thirdly, tank vessel design, stability, and containment systems.

In short, the Tankerman PIC is in charge of the transfer of DL cargoes. Examples include ship to shore, or ship to ship ops. Ship to ship includes bunkering and lightering. Most importantly, it is the job of the PIC to ensure that the transfer is made safely and follows the federal regs. To emphasize, the PIC has a very important job and is highly paid for it.

Tank Barge DL Class

Tank Barge DL class is 5-days and $700 (NOTICE: In January 2024 the cost of this class will be $800). This class provides training, in lieu of testing at the Coast Guard, for the original issue or renewal of Tankerman-PIC (Barge) (DL). Additionally, this class can also be used for Tankerman-Assistant (DL), OR Tankerman-Engineer (DL). And it is open to all mariners who intend to have immediate responsibility for loading, unloading, and handling of dangerous liquid (DL) cargoes. The subjects include:

  1. Operational Safety Info
  2. Rules and Regs for DL
  3. Tank Safety
  4. Bulk Shipment of Chemicals
  5. Pollution Control

Tankerman-PIC class schedule. Call Patty at 503-841-6066 to schedule or for more info.

Related Info

To qualify for any of these ratings the mariner must: Firstly, meet the sea-service. And secondly, meet the cargo transfer requirements too. To clarify, this class will satisfy the exam requirements only. That is to say, it will not satisfy the sea service, or cargo transfer requirements.

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Tankerman, like Able Seaman (AB), is a deck rating. And a mariner may hold both ratings. Additionally, a mariner holding Master of Towing, or Mate of Towing may also hold a Tankerman rating. In summary, the more licenses you have the more value you have as an employee.

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