Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
MMC Frequently Asked Questions

What follows is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that I have received over the past few months.

I am always happy to answer your questions. So, if you have a question regarding USCG licensing or Merchant Mariner Credentials please email it to

Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

All the Coast Guard 719 forms are expired. What forms should I use?

The expiration date on all the 719 forms is 03/31/2021, so yes they are expired. However the Coast Guard has declared that these forms are valid until updated versions become available.

All Coast Guard 719 forms

How much sea service experience do I need?

Reference Sea Service Benchmarks

How do I document my sea service experience?

Reference Help Documenting your experience

How do I apply for a Captain license?

Reference How to get a 6-pack license (just change the sea service numbers to fit the license you want)

How do I renew my License?

Reference How to renew a Captain License

Where do I send the application to? And what fees do I need to pay?

Email the application to one of the 18 Regional Exam Center (REC) around the nation. However I do recommend Portland REC. Their email address is

Instructions for emailing an application to an REC

Pay the application fee of $145 to the Coast Guard using the Pay.Gov website.

Less Common Frequently Asked Questions

Who can complete the physical exam?

Form 719K states that any physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner may conduct the physical. That said, I recommend health occupation clinics because of their experience with these type of physicals and paperwork. Most importantly the physical exam must be completed using the Coast Guard form 719K.

Do I need full STCW for Master 100, 200 or Master / Mate of fishing?

No. STCW does not apply to uninspected fishing industry vessels, seagoing vessels less than 200 GRT, or any vessel operating exclusively on Inland waters.

What study materials do you recommend to prepare for the Captain course?

Everything that you need to know to pass the exams is covered in the class. Therefore there is nothing that must be studied before taking the class. However looking over some of the publications that should be aboard your vessel may enlighten you with some general knowledge. So here are three references you can checkout before the course.

  • Firstly the USCG Light List contains information on the US aids to navigation system. Of particular interest is the general information in the front (roman numeral) pages.
  • Secondly the US Coast Pilot contains local knowledge about US ports and harbors. US Coast Pilot Chapter 1 contains general information of interest to all mariners.
  • Lastly the Rules of the Road contain the International and Inland Collision Avoidance Regulations that apply to ALL VESSELS.

Is the school located in Portland or Coos Bay?

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime was located in Portland, Oregon until March 2020. However we relocated to Coos Bay, Oregon in April. And have been offering classes in Coos Bay since May 2020.