Sea Service Benchmarks

Sea Service Benchmarks

These Sea Service Benchmarks are intended to: Firstly, provide a quick reference to see what you may qualify for. And secondly, to build a career path to advance quickly. In short, the fastest way to advance is to get the license as soon as you can.

However, Keep in mind that getting the license does not guarantee the job. But, unless you have the license you will not get the job.

In summary, this benchmark list is not intended to provide details. For details, reference the links at the end.

First Benchmarks

From no-experience to less than 1-year.

0 to 179-days

With less than 179-days of sea time the mariner should get an OS. To clarify, the OS, or Ordinary Seaman, is for entry level jobs.

180 to 359-days

  • Firstly, Mate 200-ton or less, Inland.
  • Secondly, Able Seaman (AB) Sailing, Fishing, or OSV.

Second Sea Service Benchmarks

One-year or more, but less than two-years.

360 to 539-days

  • Firstly, OUPV, 6-pack captain, Inland or Near Coastal.
  • Secondly, Mate 100 or 200-ton, Near Coastal.
  • Thirdly, Master 100 or 200-ton, Inland.
  • Fourthly, AB Special.

540 to 719-days

  • Firstly, Apprentice Mate (steersman) of towing, any route.
  • Secondly, AB Limited.

Third Sea Service Benchmarks

Two-years or more, but less than three-years.

720 to 899-days

  • Firstly, Master 100, or 200-ton, Near Coastal.
  • Secondly, Mate 500 or 1600-ton, Inland, Near Coastal, or Oceans.

900 to 1079-days

  • Mate (Pilot) of towing, any route.

Fourth Sea Service Benchmarks

Three-years or more.

1080 to 1439-days

  • Firstly, Mate of Uninspected Fishing Industry Vessels, Near Coastal, or Oceans.
  • Secondly, Master 500, or 1600-ton Inland.
  • Thirdly, Master 500-ton Near Coastal, or Oceans.
  • Fourthly, AB Unlimited.

1440-days and more

  • Firstly, Master of Towing, any route.
  • Secondly, Master of Uninspected Fishing Industry Vessel, Near Coastal or Oceans.
  • Fourthly, Master 1600-ton, Near Coastal, or Oceans.

More info and links

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Checklists from the NMC

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By Dennis

Instructor and Director at Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC

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