Captain Upgrade Courses

Captain Upgrade Courses

Captain Upgrade Courses

Captain Upgrade Courses will meet the exam requirements for the upgrade of a captain license by taking a shorter course. In summary, this saves time and money. For this reason, ColPac offers a full range of upgrade classes. Our upgrade classes fall into the following categories.

  • Firstly, OUPV Upgrades.
  • Secondly, Master and Mate Upgrades.
  • And lastly, License add-ons.

Upgrade classes

OUPV Captain Upgrade Courses

Inland to Near Coastal OUPV. The Upgrade OUPV Inland to Near Coastal class is $600 and 4-days. In summary, the mariner must have a valid OUPV Inland and 90-days experience on ocean waters. More >>

OUPV to Master. The Upgrade OUPV to Master class is also $600 and 4-days. Additionally, the mariner must have a valid OUPV Inland license and meet the experience requirements for the Master. Furthermore, this does NOT upgrade the route on the license. More >>

Master and Mate Upgrades

Master 100 to 200-ton. The Upgrade 100 to 200-ton class is $600 and 4-days. And it will increase the tonnage limitation of the license. However, this class will not change the route. Additionally, the mariner must meet the tonnage requirements for the 200-ton limitation. More >>

Inland to Near Coastal Master or Mate. The Upgrade Master Inland to Near Coastal class is $600 and 4-days. In short, this class will change the route, but not the tonnage. Therefore, the mariner must have the near coastal sea-time for the route. More >>

Near Coastal to All-Oceans Route. The Celestial Navigation 200-tons Class is $800 and 5-days. In summary, this class will increase a Master or Mate 200-ton or less license from Near Coastal to an All-Oceans route. Lastly, it is scheduled on demand. So, call 503-841-6066 for availability.

License Add-ons

Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing. This class can be a 2-day, $400 add-on to a Master 200-ton license. Or additionally, it can be a 6-day, $1,000 add-on to a Master 100-ton license. More >>

Auxiliary Sail. This 4-hour, $100 class is an add-on to any Master or Mate license less than 200-ton. Additionally, this add-on requires time on sail or auxiliary sail vessels.

Assistance Towing. This 4-hour, $100 class will add “Commercial Assistance Towing” to any OUPV, Mate, or Master license less than 200-ton.

No Exam Upgrades

There are two upgrades that do not require an exam or a class.

  • Firstly: Master or Mate 25 to 50-ton, OR from 50 to 100-ton. More >>
  • Secondly: Mate to Master 200-ton or less without changing the route or tonnage.
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