Master 100 and 200-ton Class

Master 100 and 200-ton

Master 100 and 200-ton Class

To explain, the Master 100 and 200-ton class is in fact two classes. Consequently, they can be taken back-to-back as one 14-day class. Or one at a time as individual classes, depending on your needs or schedule. The following subjects are covered this class.

  • Navigation General
  • Chart Navigation
  • Rules of the Road (72 COLREGS)
  • Deck General
  • Safety

Firstly, the Master 100-ton class: 10-days, $1,200

NOTICE: In January 2024 the cost of this class will be $1,300.

The Master 100-ton class includes both the Inland and Near Coastal routes. Secondly, it includes the 25 or 50-ton limits, and the Mate 100-ton as well.

Secondly, the Full Master 200-ton class: 14-days, $1,800

NOTICE: In January 2024 the cost of this class will be $2,000.

The Full Master 200-ton class includes two classes taken in sequence. As above, this class includes both Inland and Near Coastal routes and both the Mate and Master license as well. To clarify, this combined class is best for mariners who qualify for both the Master 100-ton, and Mate 200-ton licenses.

Lastly, the Upgrade 100 to 200-ton class only: 4-days, $600

NOTICE: In January 2024 the cost of this class will be $700.

The Upgrade 100 to 200-ton only class is 4-days and $600. If you already have a Master 25, 50, or 100-ton Inland or Near Coastal license, then this class is for you. In short, this class is an easy way to a 200-ton license, but it will not change your route.

Master 100-ton and 200-ton class schedule.

Call Patty at 503-841-6066 to schedule this class. View the calendar link or call of more scheduling options.

Master 100 and 200-ton License Info

These licenses are issued as Inland, Near Coastal, and Oceans routes. To explain:

  • Firstly, Inland means all lakes, rivers, and bays shoreward of the boundary line. To clarify, this a line between the ends of the jetties.
  • Secondly, Near Coastal means all inland waters, and ocean waters within 200-miles of shore.
  • Thirdly, Oceans means all Inland, Near Coastal, and Ocean waters worldwide.

In addition, tonnage limits also apply to Master and Mate licenses. These limits are 25, 50, 100, and 200-ton based on the applicant’s experience. View the checklist the license for more info on its tonnage limits.

Master and Mate License Explained

The Master license is issued with an Inland, Near Coastal, or All Ocean route. Additionally, it includes tonnage limits of 25, 50, 100, and 200-tons. There are also higher tonnage limits, 500 and more, which are not discussed here. To explain, the Master is the captain in charge of the entire vessel. Therefore, the holder of a Master license may work as captain or mate on any vessel, except towing vessel, within the limits on the license. Including working as an OUPV 6-pack captain.

The Mate license is issued with the same routes and tonnage limits as the Master. But they cannot work as captain of the vessel, except for a 6-pack. The job of the mate is to stand a navigation watch under a licensed captain. However, the good news is that Mate can upgrade to Master of the same tonnage and route without taking an exam. Therefore, if you don’t have the time for master, get the Mate of the same tonnage and upgrade later.

Master and Mate 100 and 200-ton Sea-time

Inland Route

25, 50, and 100-ton Master Inland. 360-days total time. Master 100-ton Inland checklist >>

200-ton Master Inland. 360-days total time that includes 180-days as master or mate while holding a license as master, mate, or OUPV. Master 200-ton Inland checklist >>

Mate 200-ton or less Inland. 180-days of total time. Tonnage limits apply. Mate 200-ton or less Inland checklist >>

Near Coastal Route

25, 50, or 100-ton Master Near Coastal. 720-days total, that includes 360-days on oceans. Master 100-ton Near Coastal checklist >>

200-ton Master Near Coastal. 720-days total that includes 360-days on oceans, AND 360-days as master, mate, or OUPV while holding a license. Master 200-ton Near Coastal checklist >>

Mate 200-ton or less Near Coastal. 360-days of sea time, that includes 90-days on oceans. Mate 200-ton or less Near Coastal checklist >>

All Oceans Route

To qualify for an All-Oceans, route the mariner must complete an approved Celestial Navigation class. ColPac offers a 5-day Celestial Navigation 200-ton class for $800.

Master 200-ton or less All Oceans. 1080-days total, that includes 540-days on ocean water, and 720-days as master, mate, or OUPV while holding a license. Master 200-ton or less Oceans checklist >>

Mate 200-ton or less All Oceans. 360-days total, that includes 90-days on oceans. Mate 200-ton or less Oceans checklist >>

Master 100 and 200-ton related info

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