USCG 719 Series FormsEvery MMC application must include one or more USCG 719 Series Forms.

USCG 719 Series Forms

Every MMC application must include one or more USCG 719 Series Forms. And there is a 719 form for everything. Not sure what an MMC is? Checkout this post >>

Firstly, the latest 719 forms have an expiration date of 03/31/2021. But don’t panic. The Coast Guard says that these forms are, and will remain valid, until stated otherwise. Secondly, download these forms directly from the USCG National Maritime Center website. Lastly, what follows here is a short explanation of the forms, along with links for more info.

Forms 719K and 719K/E

These two forms are for application for a medical certificate. To explain, every MMC must have a valid medical certificate with it. Firstly, these are the only 719 forms that may be emailed directly to the National Maritime Center. And secondly, do not use both forms. That is to say the 719 K/E form is for applying for the entry level rating of Ordinary Seaman (OS) only. Finally, the 719K form is for all other applicants. In conclusion, any US certified medical doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner can do this exam. But I highly recommend going to a health occupation clinic because they have all the equipment needed.

Instructions on how to apply for a Medical Certificate >>

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Forms 719B and 719C

Form 719B Application for an MMC Transaction is the basic form that identifies you, the applicant, and what you are applying for. Every application, except the application for a medical certificate, must include this form. In contrast, form 719C is only used to declare a felony conviction if you answered yes to a criminal background question in section II of form 719B.

Help filling out form 719B >>

Form 719S Small Vessel Sea Service

This form is for documenting your experience on recreational and other small vessels. To explain, form 719S defines small vessels as being less than 200 GRT. In short, many vessels over 100-feet are less than 200 GRT.

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Form 719P Drug Screening

Lastly, is the drug screening form 719P. In short, there are several options for drug screening listed on the back of this one-page form. Read the options and pick the one that best fits your situation. But the bottom line is, if you can’t pass the pee test, you can’t get an MMC.

USCG 719 Series Forms Conclusion

Most importantly, when using any of these forms is to read the instructions on the forms completely. And then follow them exactly as written. Click here for help with the MMC application >>

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