MMC Application form 719B

MMC Application form 719B

MMC Application form 719B

The MMC Application form 719B must be included with all applications. This form has four sections. And, this post provides help for each section.

Form 719B Help

Section I Applicant Info

Section I is easy, except for: item 2b Reference Number. To explain, the you will be issued a reference number in your MMC book. However: For the first issue of an MMC you must use your Social Security Number. And then, after receiving the MMC book, you will use your Reference Number for future applications.

Section II Requested Coast Guard Credentials

This section identifies what you are applying for in two parts:

Category and Type

There are four categories:

  1. Officer: for example, Master, Mate, and OUPV.
  2. Qualified Rating: for example, AB.
  3. STCW: This only applies to seagoing vessels greater than 200 GRT.
  4. Entry Level: in other words, OS.

There are many types:

  1. Original: that is to say, your first issue of that category.
  2. Renewal: meaning, to renew that category.
  3. Duplicate: for example, replacing a lost or stolen MMC.
  4. Raise in grade (etc.): for example, an upgrade from inland to near coastal, or OUPV to Master.
  5. Certificate of registry: for example, radio or medical officer.
  6. Document of continuity: meaning, to retire your MMC, without letting it expire.

To clarify, this means the name of the license, including any limits. For example: OUPV Inland, or Master 50-ton Near Coastal.

Section III Safety and Suitability


THIS IS FOR A RENEWAL ONLY. Most important: read and check this box to renew without updating your TWIC.

Ref: CG-543 Policy Letter No. 11-15

2. Criminal Record

This is most important, if you answer YES to any question complete CG form 719C.

3. National Driver Registry

Requirement: You must read and check this box.

Section IV Mariner’s Consent Certification

1. Mariner Outreach

Optional. Check YES, to volunteer to help during an emergency. On the other hand, check NO, not to.

5. Signature

Firstly, read section 4. And then, sign the form to agree to each statement.

If this is your first MMC application, than a notary, or the Coast Guard must witness your signature. That is to say, they administer the oath from section 4. On the other hand, if you already have an MMC a notary is not required.

6. Third Party

Ignore this part.


Read and follow the instructions. And then if you have any questions please contact us. Above all, our business is helping mariners. However, selling courses is what we do to stay in business.

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