MMC Application form 719B

MMC Application form 719B Application for a Merchant Mariner Credential (CG form 719B)

All MMC applications must include the Application for a Merchant Mariner Credential form 719B This form has four sections.

MMC Application form 719B Section I Applicant Information

MMC Application form 719B section I is straight forward information. However sometimes there is a question regarding 2b Reference Number. To clarify, the mariner will be issued a reference number in their MMC book. For an original issue of an MMC applicants must use their Social Security Number. And then, after receiving the MMC book they will use the Reference Number in the MMC book.

MMC Application form 719B Section II Requested Coast Guard Credentials

MMC Application form 719B section II is for identifying the MMC endorsement you are seeking.

The first part of this section includes endorsement category and type of transaction. Examples of endorsement categories includes; for instance, Master, Mate, and OUPV are officer endorsements. While Able Seaman (AB) is a qualified rating. And additionally, the Ordinary Seaman (OS) is entry level. Finally, Basic Safety Training is STCW.

The type of transaction identifies the transaction one of several types. Firstly, original issue means that this is the mariner’s first issue of that category of endorsement. Secondly, renewal means renewal of the MMC. When renewing the MMC all the endorsements to be renewed must be identified. Thirdly, duplicate means replacement for a lost or stolen MMC. Fourthly, raise in grade, new endorsement, increase in scope means an upgrade of an existing endorsement. Fifthly, certificate of registry means staff officers. Such as radio officer, or medical officer. Lastly, document of continuity means to retiring the endorsement, without letting it expire.

The description of endorsement means the official title of the endorsement, including any limitations. For example of National Deck Officer Endorsements include; OUPV Inland, or OUPV Near Coastal. Or additionally, Master 25-ton Inland, or Master 50-ton Near Coastal.

Section III Safety and Suitability

Firstly is the TWIC exemption statement. THIS IS FOR A RENEWAL ONLY. Check this box to renewal an OUPV or Master 100-ton or less without renewing the TWIC. Reference CG-543 Policy Letter No. 11-15.

Secondly is Criminal Record (Conviction and Drug Use) questions. If you answered YES to any of these questions complete CG form 719C for each yes answer.

Section IV Mariner’s Consent Certification

If this is your FIRST application for an MMC then notary must witness your signature. On the other had, if you already have an MMC a notary is not required.


In conclusion, if you have any questions that are not answered please contact us. Remember, our business is helping mariners. Selling courses is just what we do to stay in business.

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