Tankerman PIC

Tankerman PIC
Oil bunkering operations must be supervised by a mariner holding Tankerman PIC rating.

Tankerman PIC

The Tankerman PIC, or Person-In-Charge, is a mariner who has been trained in:

  • Firstly; the health and safety hazards of dangerous liquid (DL) cargoes.
  • Secondly; safety, pollution prevention, and DL cargo transfer operations.
  • And thirdly; tank vessel design, stability, and containment systems.

As a result of this, the Tankerman PIC’s job is to oversee the transfer of DL cargoes between ships. Or, between ship and shore-side facilities. Most importantly: their job is to ensure that the transfer is made in accordance with safety standards, and federal regulations. To summarize: this is an important job on any tank vessel.

Tankerman, like Able Seaman (AB), is a deck rating. Therefore it is common for a mariner to hold both ratings. Additionally, a mariner holding Master or Mate of Towing may also hold a tankerman rating.

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Tankerman PIC Info

The Tankerman PIC must:

  • Firstly: have 60-days experience on tank vessels. And, must have participated in ten DL cargo transfers. Including: five loadings and five discharges.
  • Secondly: have completed a basic firefighting course within the last five-years.
  • And thirdly: Complete an approved DL course. Like the one offered by ColPac. Or, pass the exams at a USCG REC.

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Tank Barge DL class

5-days / $700

This class provides training and assessment for Tankerman-PIC (DL), in lieu of testing at the Coast Guard. And, it is open to all mariners who intend to have immediate responsibility for loading, unloading, and handling of dangerous liquid (DL) cargoes.

Subjects covered include:

  1. Rules and Regs for DL
  2. Operational Safety Info
  3. Tank Safety
  4. Bulk Shipment of Chemicals
  5. Pollution Control

To clarify: this class does NOT meet the requirements for completion of a Basic Firefighting class. And, ColPac does not offer firefighting at this time. However; we do recommend Compass Courses in Edmonds, WA; OR MERTS in Astoria, OR for the firefighting class.

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