Radar and ARPA Courses

The Radar and ARPA courses offered will will meet the National training requirements. And additionally the STCW Tasks for OICNW, as amended 2010.

  • STCW (Standards in Training Certification for Watch-standers) applies to inspected sea-going vessels 200 GRT and greater.
  • OICNW (Officer In Charge of a Navigation Watch) means Master or Mate for STCW.

Professional Requirement

A Radar Observer Endorsement is required for deck officers on towing vessels, and inspected vessels greater than 300 GRT.

Reference 46 CFR 15.815 Radar Observers

In contrast, APRA is a Negative STCW endorsement. To clarify, the mariner’s OICNW will state Not valid on ARPA equipped vessels. Therefore to remove the negative endorsement the mariner must complete an approved ARPA course. And then turn in the course completion certificate to an REC.

Reference 46 CFR 15.816 Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPAs)

Radar and ARPA Courses Approved Radar and ARPA Courses

Both the Radar Observer and Combined Radar and ARPA courses are open to all mariners. However, the mariner should understand basic chart navigation skills. In contrast the ARPA course requires the mariner to have completed a Radar Observer Unlimited course.

Check out the MMC Renewal page for Radar Renewal info.

Combined Radar Unlimited and ARPA Course ($900 / 7-days)

Firstly this combined Radar Observer and ARPA course will satisfy the Radar and ARPA training requirements for National Deck Officers. And secondly, it will satisfy the STCW OICNW Tasks, as amended 2010, for both Radar and ARPA.

Radar Observer Unlimited Course ($600 / 4-days)

This Radar Observer course will satisfy the requirements for Radar Observer Unlimited. And additionally it will satisfy the STCW OICNW Task Assessments, as amended 2010, for Radar.

Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) Course ($600 / 4-days)

In contrast this course is for mariners with Radar Observer Unlimited and who need to remove a negative ARPA endorsement. Consequently it will satisfy the STCW OICNW Task Assessments, as amended 2010, for ARPA.

Additionally this course will satisfy the Radar renewal requirements.

Radar / ARPA Course Schedule

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Jun 24 ARPA Course

Coos Bay, OR, Newmark Center, room 207

Aug 19 ARPA Course

Coos Bay, OR, Newmark Center, room 207