Radar and ARPA Courses

Radar and ARPA Courses

Radar and ARPA Courses

ColPac Radar and ARPA courses are unique for several reasons.

  • Firstly: The classes are small. Generally, fewer than six students.
  • Secondly: We offer a 7-day Combined Radar & ARPA class that saves you time and money,
  • Thirdly: We will do a class for a single student.
  • And lastly: Our classes cost less and are fewer days than most schools.

These courses:

  • Are open to all mariners. But you need good chart plotting skills.
  • And: meet both National, and STCW training standards.
  • Additionally, they may be available on a custom schedule.
  • Call 503-841-6066, or view the school calendar for scheduling info >>

The Combined Radar and ARPA Class is 7-days and $900. This class is the best value. It starts with Radar Observer and ends with ARPA. In short, you will have one certificate. But it will satisfy both the Radar and ARPA training requirements.

The Radar Observer Unlimited Class is 4-days and $600. This class includes instruction in radar theory and operation. In short: you will learn to use radar for navigation and collision avoidance. Most important: you will learn about relative motion.

The ARPA Class is 4-days and $600. This class takes it to the next level. In short, you will learn to get the most out of radar by using the automatic tools of ARPA. Therefore, you must first take the Radar Observer class before ARPA.

Radar and ARPA classes

General Info

Radar is required for Master and Mate of towing vessels over 26-feet. And additionally, all inspected vessels over 300 GRT. Also, STCW approved ARPA training is required for the Master and Mate of ARPA equipped, inspected seagoing vessels over 200 GRT. But this training can benefit all captains. In summary: Learning to get the most out of your electronics keeps you safe and can save you insurance costs.

46 CFR 15.815 Radar Observer info >>

46 CFR 15.816 ARPA info >>

Radar Renewal Info >>

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