Radar and ARPA Classes

Radar and ARPA Courses

Radar and ARPA Classes

ColPac Maritime School provides three Radar and ARPA classes. All three classes meet the National and STCW standards for Master or Mate on US flagged vessels. Additionally, the school offers a one-day Radar Renewal class too.

The Radar Observer Unlimited Class: 4-days, $600

Firstly, this Radar Observer Unlimited class is open to all mariners interested in the use of radar for navigation and collision avoidance. Lastly, the subjects include:

  • Radar theory and ops.
  • Radar nav.
  • How to determine risk of collision.
  • Action to avoid collision.
  • Rapid radar plotting.
  • Additionally, this class includes the STCW radar checkoffs for OICNW on vessels greater than 500 GT (ITC).

Radar Observer (Unlimited) class schedule (call 503-841-6066 to register)

The ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) Class: 4-days, $600

Firstly, you must have Radar Observer Unlimited to take this class. Secondly, the subjects include:

  • A review of rapid radar plotting.
  • The purpose, ops, and limits of ARPA.
  • ARPA features and ops.
  • The use of ARPA for nav and collision avoidance.
  • Additionally, this class includes the STCW ARPA checkoffs for OICNW on vessels greater than 500 GT (ITC).

ARPA class Schedule (call 503-841-6066 to register)

The Combined Radar Unlimited and ARPA Class: 7-days. $900

Lastly, the best value is the Combined Radar and ARPA class. To clarify, this one class includes both classes above. But the best part, it does it is only seven days and $900.

Combined Radar Observer (Unlimited) and ARPA class (call 503-841-6066 to register)

Radar Renewal Class

In conclusion, the Radar Observer expires ever five-years with the MMC book. However, there are two options for renewing.

Firstly, renew with sea-time. In other words, no class or exam required. Just get a sea-time letter that says you have 360-days in the last five-years working on radar equipped vessels in a job that uses radar. Ref: 46 CFR 11.480(g).

Secondly, no sea-time, no problem. That is to say, just take our one-day Radar Observer Renewal class for $200. In fact, you can take it any day the school is open. Lastly, use our FREE Radar Renewal workbook to make the renew class quick and easy.

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