OUPV 6-pack captain

OUPV 6-pack captain

OUPV 6-pack captain

OUPV 6-pack Captain Class. This class is 8-days and $1,000. Secondly, the class is for either the OUPV Inland, or OUPV Near Coastal. Lastly, it is scheduled Monday thru Monday at least once a month. In short, call 503-841-6066 for more info.

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OUPV 6-pack captain info

The OUPV 6-pack captain can carry 6 or fewer passengers, not counting the crew or operator. Secondly, they can operate on both inland and ocean waters, depending on the route issued with the license. Consequently, the OUPV is the most common license for fishing guides, and tour boat operators.

  • To explain, Inland, means lakes, bays, and rivers inside the boundary line. Near Coastal means ocean waters within 100-miles off-shore. To clarify, the boundary line is a line between the end of the jetties.


Sea service, or sea-time, is a measure of your experience on the water. It is counted in days over your lifetime starting at age 16. More about counting and documenting your sea-time >>

The Inland OUPV requires 360-days on any boat as operator, or deckhand. The Near Coastal OUPV requires 360-days that includes 90-days on ocean waters. More >>

More about captain licenses

Which license is right for you, the Master or the OUPV? In summary, both can carry passengers for hire. Additionally, both can operate on Inland or Ocean waters. However, the difference is the number of passengers that you can carry. To carry more than 6-passengers you must have an inspected boat with a Master license to run it. To explain, inspected vessel means it was built and is operated under the inspected vessel regs. This are very different than the un-inspected vessel regs.

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What if you already have an OUPV Inland or Near Coastal and want to upgrade? We offer two OUPV upgrade classes. Firstly, we offer a class to upgrade from OUPV Inland to OUPV Near Coastal. Secondly, we offer a class to upgrade from OUPV to Master. More about Upgrade Classes >>

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