MMC Renewal Course

MMC Renewal Course

MMC Renewal Course

MMC Renewal Course is for mariners that do not have the sea time to renew. In short, this is 360-days in the past five-years. Consequently, we offer two renewal classes. These classes are scheduled any day the school is open, seven-days a week. Call 503-841-6066 to schedule a renewal class.

The License Refresher class is 1-day and $200. This class will renew an OUPV, OR Master or Mate 25, 50, 100, or 200-ton license. In short, the class is in two parts. Firstly: a review of the Rules of the Road followed by an open-book exam. Secondly: a review of Navigation General, Deck General, and Safety followed by an open-book exam of these general subjects.

The Radar Renewal Class is 1-day and $200. This class will renew any Radar Observer. In short, it provides a quick review and exam on the subject of collision avoidance plotting.

Refresh your plotting skills by using this FREE Radar Renewal Study Guide. Note: There is a printable radar plot-sheet on the last page of this guide.

Renewal info

In short, the MMC is valid for 5-years. You can renew anytime before it expires, or within one year after. If you can document 360-days of sea time in the past 5-years can renew without taking a class. More >>

Consequently, the Radar Observer also expires every 5-years with the MMC. And likewise, if you can document 360-days of time on radar equipped vessels you can renew Radar without taking a course. (Reference: 46 CFR 11.480 (g)).

  • Note that failure to renew the Radar Observer will result in removal of the license from your MMC book.

In conclusion: If you have any questions please contact us. Above all, our business is helping mariners. However, selling courses is what we do to stay in business.

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