Fishing Industry Vessel

Fishing Industry Vessel

Fishing Industry Vessel

Fishing industry vessel 200 GRT and greater require USCG licensed captains. The USCG issues Master and Mate of Uninspected Fishing Vessel licenses from 500 to 5,000-tons. In short: the applicant must have experience on vessels greater than 50 GRT to qualify for this license.

Fishing vessels less than 200 GRT do not need licensed captains. However, there are several good reasons to get a license. Firstly, there is a cost savings on insurance. Secondly, it is good to have more employment options. And thirdly, having a license shows that you are an experienced mariner and not a novice.

Master 100 and 200-ton class >>

Notice of NMC Policy Change

Because of changes in USCG National Maritime Center policy the approved Master / Mate of Fishing Industry Vessel (COLPAC 295) course is no longer available. Under existing policy, the mariner for this license must complete all the exams at a USCG REC. Policy prior to January 2022 allowed a mariner applying for Master or Mate of an uninspected fishing industry vessel to complete a USCG approved course in lieu of taking the exams at an REC. To voice your opinion on this NMC policy change please contact the National Maritime Customer Service Center.

Fishing Industry Vessel: Sea time

There are two important points to remember. Firstly, at least 50% of the sea time must be on ocean waters. And secondly, tonnage limits from 500 to 5,000-ton also apply. These limits are based on your sea time. Here is the short version of the requirements. View the associated checklist for more info.

Master of Fishing 500 to 5,000-tons

Master requires 1440-days of sea time. Including:

  • Firstly, 720-days on oceans.
  • Secondly, 720-days on vessels greater than 50 GRT: that includes 360-days as a licensed Master, Mate, or OUPV.

Master of Fishing Checklist >>

Mate of Fishing 500 to 5,000-tons

Mate requires 1080-days of sea time. Including:

  • Firstly, 540-days on oceans.
  • Secondly, 360-days on vessels greater than 50 GRT.

Mate of Fishing Checklist >>

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