Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing

Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing
Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing is the first step from deckhand to the wheelhouse.

Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing

The Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing is the first step to Master of Towing. The intent of this license is twofold. It allows the mariner: Firstly, to gain watch-standing time. But, only under the direction of a Master or Mate. And secondly, to complete the TOAR.

From Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing to Master of Towing

There are three steps to Master of Towing. To clarify, this is not the only path to Master of Towing. However, it is the least stressful, and most time and cost effective. Additionally, it can be accomplished without taking any Coast Guard exams.

Firstly: Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing

Apprentice Mate requires 540-days of sea time. That includes: 360-days on a tug. AND, 90-days on the route. To explain: route means waters. Examples are: Ocean, Near Coastal, Inland, Great Lakes, and Western Rivers.

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Secondly: Mate (Pilot) of Towing

Mate requires 900-days of sea time. Including: 360-days on towing vessels, with the Apprentice Mate. In addition, you must complete:

  • An approved Basic Firefighting course.
  • An approved Radar course.
  • And, a TOAR for the route.

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Near Coastal – Ocean TOAR >>

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Thirdly: Master of Towing

Master requires 1440-days of sea time. Including, 540-days as Mate, on towing vessels, while holding Mate of Towing.

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Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing Courses

Apprentice Mate (steersman)

$2,200 / 16-days

This sequence includes: Firstly, Master 100-ton course. Secondly, Upgrade 100 to 200-ton. And thirdly, the Apprentice Mate (steersman) Upgrade. In summary, the mariner will have all three certificates.

Apprentice Mate (steersman) Partial Course

$1,000 / 6-days

This sequence is for mariners with a Master 100-ton. It includes: Firstly, the Upgrade 100 to 200-ton course. And secondly, the Apprentice Mate (steersman) Upgrade course. In summary, the mariner will have both certificates.

Apprentice Mate (steersman) Upgrade only

$400 / 2-days

To qualify for this course you must:

  • Hold a Master 200-ton.
  • OR, have taken the 200-ton exams within the past year.
  • OR, have taken the 200-ton upgrade course within the past year.

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