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Every job is not perfect for everyone. But there are not many industries that has more varied job options than the maritime industry. Likewise, the Maritime Jobs for spring 2023 include everything from fishing guides to tugboat crews. In short, every maritime company is in need of workers. Some of these jobs are day work, while most require that you live aboard. But one of the great things about the live-aboard jobs is that your home does not need to be where you work. You can fly to the job. Work for a few weeks, or months. And then fly home to enjoy a few weeks or months off.

Maritime Jobs

Here is a list of the most recent jobs that have been sent to the school.

Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge is looking for a licensed charter boat captain for the summer season, June through September. Please email for more info.

Sause Bros is a west coast towboat company. They are looking for most crew positions. Email your resume and inquiry to for more info.

Wilsonville Concrete (WCP INC) is also a west coast towboat company also looking for most crew positions. Go to People ( page and complete the online application for more info.

Masters, Mates, and Pilots is a maritime union seeking workers for ships on the Great Lakes. Go to Job Opportunities – Bridgedeck page for more info.

UnCruise Adventures is a small passenger vessel company operating vessel carrying from 22 to 86 passengers’ onboard vessels from 120-feet to over 200-feet long. For more info on the jobs available visit Our Careers in Small Ship Cruises– UnCruise Adventures or email

ColPac Maritime at SWOCC

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime at Southwestern Oregon Community College is the Maritime Jobs Training Center for southern Oregon. We provide classes for getting and advancing your professional credentials. However, you must have experience on boats to take our classes. If you are new to the maritime field here are some posts that may help you.

Entry Level Rating

Deck Rating AB or OS

Getting a Job on a Boat

Dennis (middle) teaching seamanship skills while underway.

ColPac is looking for mariners who are interested in being trained as a Maritime Instructor. You must hold a license and have experience with that license. Currently we need instructors for Tankerman, Radar, and ARPA classes. But the instructor’s training is not class specific, so we will train for all classes. Click here for a list of classes and instructor requirements.

In short, contact Dennis at ColPac Maritime to find out about how to become an instructor or how to get started on a maritime career. Do this either Email or call his cell, 503-440-9005. Leave a message and he will get back to you ASAP.

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