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Charter Boat Captain

Deep sea fishing
Deep sea fishing has historically been done on charter boats, but more and more fishing guides are venturing out on ocean waters. Picture complement of Sea Breeze Charters,

So, you want to be a charter boat captain? To do that you will need two things. The US Coast Guard issued license and the job. Here is info on both.

Generally, “charter boat” means more than six passengers. While “fishing guide” is the more personal version carrying six or fewer passengers. In short, both require you to have a US Coast Guard (USCG) issued captains’ license.

The Charter boat captain job

Firstly, Sea Breeze Charters in Ilwaco, WA has room for two captains on their 2023 season team. One charter boat captain with a Master 50-ton license, and one 6-pack guide captain. For more info on these jobs contact Steve at Sea Breeze Charters (360-642-2300).

If fishing isn’t your thing, then checkout the jobs at Uncruise Adventures. They hire licensed deckhands to run the small personal tour boats for their passengers.

One thing about boat jobs, there is one for everyone.

The Captain’s License

Most fishing guides have the USCG issued OUPV license. AKA 6-pack captain because of the 6-passenger limit. This license is for inland or near coastal waters, depending on personal experience. ColPac Maritime offers an 8-day OUPV class for $1,000.

Charter boat
Any day on the water is better than the best day in an office. Picture complements of Sea Breeze Charters.

To carry more than 6-passengers you need the Masters’ license. Again, this is for inland or near coastal waters. In addition, it will have size limits of 25, 50, or 100-tons, depending on personal experience. ColPac Maritime offers a 10-day Master class for $1,200.

Not sure which license. check out this read: Which license: OUPV or Master?

If you already have a license but want to do more with it, we offer several 4-day upgrade classes for $600. These include upgrading the 6-pack to a Master and upgrading an Inland to a Near Coastal license.

No matter what your captains’ license training needs are, Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime has a course for you.

Final thought

I turned 69 last month and I have spent most of my life on the water. My worst day on the water beats my best day in an office. Enjoy your job and you will never work a day in your life. I love mine.