What's left for 2022?

What’s left for 2022

The new year is almost here, and the question is, “What’s left for 2022?” The answer is, quite a bit. Due to the holidays, we will be taking a few days off over Thanksgiving. But otherwise, we are open 7-days a week through December 18, 2022. Additionally, all classes have open spaces thru the end of the year. Therefore, now a good time plan ahead for 2023 by taking classes now to get the job you want next year.

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Because of the shortage of workers last year many companies are already recruiting mariners for next year. Consequently, Uncruise Adventures are seeking mariners for new year. But they are not the only company looking for mariners to hire for next year.

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Scheduled classes the rest of 2022

In short. here is a list of the classes we are offering the rest of 2022. In a word, these classes will prepare you for the jobs in 2023.

OUPV, Master, Apprentice Mate classes

In brief, the OUPV and Master 100-ton are our most popular classes. For this reason, there are three start dates remaining this year: Oct 24, Nov 7, and Nov 28. Because ColPac classes build on each other, these are the same start dates for the full 200-ton class and the Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing class.

OUPV class >>

Master class >>

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Upgrade classes

Equally important are the upgrade classes. In general, these classes help mariners to upgrade their license with the least amount of time and expense. Therefore, ColPac offers a full selection of upgrade classes with start dates of Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17, and Dec 8.

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Radar Observer and ARPA classes

In contrast, Radar and ARPA classes are in less demand. But are critical to mate and master of towing. Therefore, ColPac offer Radar and ARPA classes. In fact, we offer a Combined Radar Observer Unlimited and ARPA class for $900. While there are only two start dates for Radar classes remaining this year, Nov 14 and Dec 12, custom start dates may be available. Please call 503-841-6066 for more info.

Radar Observer and ARPA classes >>

Able Seaman (AB) and Tankerman classes

While both the AB and Tankerman are deck ratings, they do require different classes. Because of a lower demand than other classes there is only one AB and one Tankerman class left this year. In short, the AB class starts Oct 31, and the Tankerman class starts Nov 28.

AB class >>

Tankerman PIC class >>

Other classes

Lastly, ColPac offer some license add-on and renewal classes. Because we are open seven-days a week, these classes are available seven-days a week. ,one mariner at a time. Please call 503-841-6066 to schedule.

License add-on classes >>

Radar Renewal and License Renewal classes >>

By Dennis

Instructor and Director at Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC

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