Updated Job News

Updated Job News (Sept 9, 2022)

To clarify, this Updated Job News post contains news, links, and info about maritime jobs. Most importantly, this news focuses on the following west coast vessels. Firstly, small passenger vessels. Secondly, towing vessels. And thirdly, fishing industry vessels.

Additionally, there will be frequent updates to this post. Therefore, check back often. Last updated: Sept 9, 2022.

Most Recent Job News

Sea Wolf Adventures is in need of captains and engineers to work the summer season starting April 2023. Follow these links for more info.

Captain Job with Sea Wolf Adventures >>

Engineer Job with Sea Wolf Adventures >>

Older Job News

American Marine Corporation is located in southern California, with offices in Hawaii. They are hiring Able Seaman for their Hawaii operations. And Master 100-ton for their California operations. Follow these links for more info.

American Marine California >>

American Marine Hawaii >>

Brusco Tug and Barge is advertising for captains, mates, and engineers. But don’t let that stop you. No towing company will turn down a good AB these days. Click on the link for more info.

Licensing Info

In conclusion, for more info on how to qualify for these jobs visit our website: www.ColumbiaPacificMaritime.com

By Dennis

Instructor and Director at Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC

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