Winter 2022 Employment eNews

Winter 2022 Employment eNews

Winter 2022 Employment eNews

The Winter 2022 Employment eNews is jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Especially for the small passenger vessel fleet. Additionally, these jobs will be available starting spring and summer. However, there are many openings for deckhands in the towing fleet as well.

Small Passenger Vessels

The small passenger vessel fleet includes tour boats, fishing guides, and charter boats. Additionally, these vessels may carry passengers on short excursions, day trips, or even on overnight voyages. Secondly, these vessels are classified as either inspected or uninspected. And thirdly, they operate on inland and or ocean waters. Consequently, the mariner applying for one of these jobs must hold the appropriate license.

Elfin Cove Alaska. We are looking for a charter boat captain to come work at our remote fishing lodge in Elfin Cove Alaska. This is a seasonal job from May-August. This job requires an OUPV/ Six pack near coastal license and passing a drug test. Compensation is based on experience discussed with owner, tips, flights, and room and board. Please Email Resume and References to Michael Legowski (907-957-8103).

The OUPV license (AKA 6-pack captain) is for operating small uninspected passenger vessels. Meaning, vessels of less than 100 GRT (about 65-feet). To clarify two important points about the 6-pack. Firstly, it has a six-passenger limit. And secondly, it will have an Inland or Near Coastal route.

The Master 25, 50, or 100 GRT captain is for operating small-inspected vessels. Meaning, vessels carrying more than six-passengers. Additionally, the master can operate a six-pack too. Secondly, the master will also have an Inland or Near Coastal route as well.

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Small Passenger Vessel Jobs

Here is a sample of small passenger vessel jobs that have come across my desk this month. While most of these jobs require a master, some are for the OUPV too.

Lowell Gillespie is looking for mariners holding a Master 100-ton Inland; or greater license to operate the inspected passenger vessel Reliant. This vessel carries 47 passengers on private charters in the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. Please call Lowell at 503-784-5548 for more info.

Newport Tradewinds is looking for Master 50-ton Near Coastal captains. For more information call Rob at (541) 270-6292.

Whale-watching EchoExcursions is looking for Master 25-ton Near Coastal captains. And OUPV captains too. Call Carrie at 541-912-6734.

Tugboat Jobs

Just about every towing company is looking for experienced and entry-level crew. In general, experienced crew means the mariner holds an AB rating. And then entry level means the mariner holds an OS rating. To clarify, here is a sample of the towing jobs that have come across my desk this month.

Sause Bros is now hiring for the AB position. To clarify, they are looking for AB’s who are interested in being trained as an engineer. For more info call 541-269-5841 ext. 4261 and leave a message.

Brusco Tug and Barge is advertising for captains, mates, and engineers. But don’t let that stop you. No towing company will turn down a good AB these days. Click on the link for more info.

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