Jan 2022 ColPac eNews

Jan 2022 ColPac eNews

Jan 2022 ColPac eNews

Jan 2022 ColPac eNews brings updates on Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime at Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC). Firstly, SWOCC is located in Coos Bay on the beautiful southern Oregon Coast. Secondly, it is hometown for Pat and Dennis. And lastly, it is good to come home after being away for 26-years.

SWOCC has hosted ColPac Maritime since May of 2020. Immediately after opening the school our classes were filled to capacity. In addition, we have added some new classes and some new faces as part-time instructors too. As a result, ColPac outgrew the original 1,500 sq-ft space. Consequently, their response was to offer us our own 5,000 sq-ft building.

Because of the larger space we are able to offer even more classes on a more frequent schedule. Therefore, watch the schedule for new classes. And, as a result, new instructors too.

The OUPV (6-pack) and Master 100-ton class is out most popular class. Consequently, this class is full thru February. On the other hand, the March and April classes have openings at this time. And, in addition, we are training new instructors so that more frequent classes may be offered this fall.

ColPac OUPV Master class
ColPac Maritime at SWOCC. The first OUPV (6-pack) / Master class offered in the new building.

For more information on the OUPV (6-pack) or Master 100-ton classes call Pat or Jason at 503-841-6066. Or visit one of the links below.

OUPV (6-pack) Captain license and class >>

Master 100-ton and 200-ton license and class >>

Tankerman-PIC (Barge) Dangerous Liquids

Our newest class offering is Tank Barge (DL). This class will satisfy the exam requirements for Tankerman-PIC, Tankerman-Assistant, or Tankerman-Engineer. As a result of this class, ColPac Maritime introduces a new instructor, and longtime friend. Tim Pugh is a Coos Bay native, with a lifetime of maritime and instructional experience.

ColPac Maritime at SWOCC Tankerman class
ColPac Maritime at SWOCC. Tankerman-PIC, a new class.

Stay tuned to ColPac Posts for updated information about Columbia Pacific Maritime at Southwestern Oregon Community College.

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