Dec 2021 eNews

Dec 2021 eNews

Dec 2021 eNews

This Dec 2021 eNews brings you our year end news. And introduces some new developments for 2022. It is going to be another great year.

ColPac Maritime is thriving in Coos Bay. And, in addition, SWOCC is an excellent host. Because enrollment has been greater than expected, SWOCC is providing us with more space!

Moving to a larger building next door (one block east)

Dec 2021 eNews
We will be moving from 2110 Newmark (building in the background on the right) to 2140 Newmark (building in the foreground on the left) over our Christmas Break (Dec 20 thru Jan 2, 2022). All classes for 2022 will be in the new building located at 2140 Newmark, on the SWOCC campus in Coos Bay, OR.

The big news for ColPac in 2022 is that SWOCC is moving the school to a larger building on campus. In fact, it is next door, one block east of the Newmark Center. Consequently, there are a couple of benefits to this move.

Firstly, this new building will provide more space for our expanding classes. Meaning, ColPac will be able to offer more classes at the same time.

Secondly, it means that we will be hiring more part-time instructors. Therefore, persons interested in becoming a part-time instructor should email a short resume detailing you maritime, and or teaching experience, and a copy of your MMC credentials to

New course approval: Tankerman PIC (Barge) DL

New class scheduled Jan 10 thru 14, 2022. Tank Barge Dangerous Liquid. Most important, this 5-day, $700 class will satisfy the exam requirements for Tankerman PIC, OR engineer, assistant, or Barge. In conclusion, please email for more info.

Expanding: Celestial Navigation classes

At this time ColPac has a 200-ton CelNav course approved. Because of the move to our new building we will be able to have a dedicated Cel-Nav classroom. Meaning, we will be expanding this course to include 1600-ton, as well as the existing 200-ton class. And we will be offering these classes at least once a month.

Radar Renewal Facts

A rumor in the industry is that Radar Observer endorsement no longer expire. However, the truth is that it will expire with your MMC. But, you can renew it without taking a renewal course.

46 CFR 11.480 Radar states that a Radar Observer endorsement may be renewed by with 360-days on radar equipped vessels in the past five years. In addition, the mariner must regularly use the radar for navigation and collision avoidance.

But, for mariners that cannot meet this requirement they may complete an approved class. Consequently, ColPac Maritime offers a one-day, $200 Radar Recertification class.

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