Fall classes 2021

Fall classes 2021

Fall classes 2021

(eNews Fall classes 2021) Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime offers a full list of Fall classes 2021. This Includes classes for: firstly, captain licenses and deck ratings; secondly, radar and ARPA; and lastly, license renewal.

Fall 2021 Schedule (Oct, Nov, Dec)

Fall classes 2021
Fall classes 2021 schedule. Happy Holidays!

The school is open seven-days a week for in-person instruction thru Nov 23, 2021. We will be closed for Thanksgiving Nov 24 thru 28. And then, classes start again Nov 29 and continue thru Dec 19. Lastly, we will be closed for Christmas and New Years from Dec 20 thru Jan 2, 2022.

View the Course Schedule for a calendar list of classes available.

School Location

Newmark Center
Located on the second floor of the Newmark Center of SWOCC.

All classes are provided in the Newmark Center of Southwestern Oregon Community College campus, in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Please call 503-841-6066 to schedule a class or for more info.

Captain Classes

Fall classes 2021
Girls can be captains too!

Our captain classes are our most popular classes. They are USCG approved for meeting the exam requirements without taking the exams at the Coast Guard.

Firstly, the OUPV, or 6-pack class. This license is for carrying six or fewer passenger on inland or ocean waters. The class is eight-days, and costs $1,000.

Secondly, the Master 100-ton class. This license is for operating inspected vessels carrying more than six passengers on inland or ocean waters. The class is ten-days, and costs $1,200. Additionally, we also offer a 14-day Master or Mate 200-ton class for $1,800.

Thirdly, the Apprentice Mate (steersman) of towing class. This license is the first step to get Mate of Towing. The class is sixteen-days, and costs $2,200.

Fourthly, Master / Mate of Uninspected fishing industry vessel class. This license is for fishing industry vessels 200 GRT and greater. The class is sixteen-days, and cost $2,200. READ THE IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT THIS CLASS!

Fall classes 2021
Read this important notice for Fall classes 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because of NMC policy changes, Master / Mate of fishing vessel classes offered in lieu of testing will NOT be available after Jan 31, 2022. So; if you need it, take it this fall. After January 31st of next year mariners will be required to test at an REC for all Master or Mate of Fishing vessel licenses.

Deck Rating classes

We offer two deck rating classes.

Firstly, Able Seaman (AB) class is for any AB rating. This class is teaches traditional seamanship skills and knowledge for the sailor, including knot tying and splicing three-strand line. This is a five-day class for $700.

Fall classes 2021
Check out our new Tankerman PIC DL class available Fall classes 2021.

Secondly, Tank Barge DL class is for the Tankerman PIC DL rating. This class teaches safety, regulations, and procedures for handling dangerous liquid cargoes. The class is five-days, and costs $700.

Radar Observer and ARPA classes

We offer three radar classes. All our radar classes meet the training and certification requirements for both the National and STCW regs.

best deal
Our best deal is the Combined Radar Observer and ARPA class. One class, seven-days, $900.

Firstly, and our best deal, is the Combined Radar Observer and ARPA class. This is a seven-day class for $900. And it will satisfy the training requirements for both Radar Observer Unlimited, and ARPA certification.

Secondly, Radar Observer Unlimited class is a 4-day class for $600.

And thirdly, ARPA (Automatic Radar Training Aids) class is a 4-day class for $600.

Captain Upgrade classes

ColPac offers a full range of upgrade classes for the Captain license. These classes save you time and money. Because they train and test you on only the additional material necessary for the higher level license. Thereby you can avoid taking the entire class over again. We offer upgrade classes for:

  • Inland to Near Coastal for Master, Mate, or OUPV. This class is 4-days, and costs $600.
  • Celestial Navigation (200-tons) for a Near Coastal to All Oceans upgrade. This class is 5-days, and costs $800.
  • OUPV to Master, and 100 to 200-ton upgrade classes are 4-days, and cost $600.
  • Adding Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing; OR Master or Mate of Fishing to an existing captain license. The time and cost of this upgrade depends on the license that the mariner holds.

License and Radar Renewal classes

Additionally, we offer license renewal classes too. These one-day classes are available any day the school is open, seven-days a week. They are for mariners who need to renew their MMC, but do not have the required experience. We offer license renewal classes for Radar Observer Unlimited, OUPV, and Master or Mate 100-ton or less, and 200-tons. The cost is $200.

We do not offer renewal classes for STCW at this time.

MMC Application Made Easy

How to get you USCG license explained in under 3-minutes (YouTube video).

The MMC application can be an overwhelming process. But, using the MM-SEAS website can make the process very easy. In short, MM-SEAS provides a great service at a very reasonable price.

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