Sept 2021 ColPac eNews

Sept 2021 ColPac eNews

Sept 2021 ColPac eNews

Fall is here. And, now is the time to plan your training needs. Take classes that will improve your employment options next spring. This Sept 2021 ColPac eNews will help you do that. At Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime we offer a full selection of courses for the deck.

Deck Ratings Classes

Able Seaman (AB)
Able Seaman (AB) is a USCG rating required for deckhands on most seagoing boats over 100 GRT. More importantly, getting the AB is about learning traditional seamanship skills.

Seagoing vessels greater than 100 GRT require the deck crew to have deck ratings. ColPac offers classes for both AB and Tankerman.

Firstly: Able Seaman (AB) is a deck rating for experienced sailors.

Secondly: Tankerman PIC is a deck rating for tank vessels.

Officer Classes

Tugboat Captain
The bridge of a tugboat in the Straight of Juan De Fuca inbound approaching New Dungeness.

The operator of vessels carrying cargo or passengers for hire must have a USCG issued captain license.

Firstly: OUPV 6-pack Captain is for carrying six or fewer passengers.

Secondly: Master 100 and 200-ton is for carrying more than six passengers. Additionally, the master is for crew boats, supply boats, and other work boats too.

Thirdly: Apprentice Mate (steersman) is a training license for Mate of Towing.

Fourthly: Fishing Industry Vessel licenses are for uninspected fishing industry vessels greater than 200 GRT. See NMC policy change.

Fifthly: Radar Observer is for towing vessels, and other inspected vessels greater than 300 GRT.

USCG eNews

Regional Exam Center (REC) In Person Visits

Most REC are opened for in-person-visits. However, a visit must be scheduled by email. Drop-in visits are not accepted at this time.

Email Portland REC at RECPORTLAND@USCG.MIL to schedule an in person visit. OR use this link to find the email for your REC >>

NMC Policy Change

Historically the NMC has approved courses in lieu of testing for uninspected vessels, and inspected vessels less than 200 GRT. This includes uninspected fishing industry vessels with tonnages of up to 5,000 GRT. However, starting January 31, 2022 the NMC will require all deck officer licenses greater than 200 GRT to take the USCG exams at an REC.

In summary, all Master / Mate of Uninspected Fishing Industry vessel courses will expire on Jan 31, 2022. But the NMC will honor the course completion certificates issued prior to Jan 31, 2022 for one-year.

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