Some things I learned

Some things I learned

Those of you that have taken a class from me know that I am about two things. Firstly: helping mariners. And secondly: learning new things. Consequently, I learn something in every class I teach. In this post I will share some things I have learned recently. And a newly approved ColPac course.

Tankerman (Barge) PIC DL

I have just received approval for the Tankerman PIC for dangerous liquid cargos carried onboard tank-barges. This is a 5-day course for $800. Please call if you have any questions. Watch for this course to show up in our calendar in the next few months.

Email questions to Dennis

Some things I learned from You can’t make this stuff up

Things I learned
By Captain Jack Molan.

A book written by Captain Jack Molan. I learned a couple of things from this inspirational book.

Firstly: I relearned what it takes to be a good captain. Or likewise, a good teacher. For example: A good teacher takes care of their students and class. The same as a good captain takes care of their crew and boat.

Secondly: It has been a while since I have lived on the edge. This book remined me that to live with danger, you must be aware of it. While at the same time, not live in fear of it. In other words: do not let the danger control you.

Captain Jack Molan, video introduction.

USCG Licenses Made Simple

MM-SEAS: USCG Licenses Made Simple. The name says it all. Nate Gilman, co-founder, is a professional mariner that can simplify your application process. Additionally, I learned a couple of things about the Medical Certificate from our short phone conversation.

Firstly: Form 719K, Application for a Medical Certificate, is a no fee certificate. And secondly: Email this form directly to the NMC. This is good news for anyone concerned about a medical issue. You can get a Medical Certificate issued before spending the time and money on the class.

Use this promo code: COLPACFREEMONTH2021 for 30-days free subscription to MM-Seas.

An introduction to MM-Seas, and what they can do for you.

By Dennis

Instructor and Director at Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC

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