Online or In Person

Online or In Person

(ColPac eNews 07-19-2021) You have a choice between online or in person classes. Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime offers in person classes only. Because, in person is personal. And we feel that personal is always better.

Announcement from Portland REC

Announcement from Portland REC
Portland REC opens for in person business.

Starting July 19, 2021 Portland REC will reopen to the public. That is to say, you can deliver applications, and pay fees in person. However, it is by appointment only. Walk-ins are NOT accepted. Email your appointment request to

Online or In Person Classes

Online or In Person
Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime offers in person classes only for three reasons. 1) In person has a higher success rate. 2) In person takes less overall time to complete. 3) In person is personal.

No matter what, it always comes down to the money. Online classes cost less; they are self-paced; and you can do them from home. But, time is money too. In short, ColPac Maritime offers in person classes only for three reasons.

  • Firstly, pass rate. In person classes have a much higher pass rate.
  • Secondly, time. In person classes take less over-all time to complete.
  • Thirdly, personal. In person classes are personal, and we like to keep it personal.

Firstly: pass-rate

Less than half (50%) of students that sign-up for online maritime classes complete the class, and pass the exams. On the other hand, more than 99% of the students that take our in-person classes complete the class and pass the exams.

Secondly: time

The Coast Guard requires a minimum amount of time to complete an approved class. For example: The Master 100-ton class requires at least 80-hours. Consequently: If you spend 8-hours a week online, you will complete the class in 10-weeks. In comparison: The in person class, takes ten 8-hour days. Therefore: both take the same amount of class time. But the in person class can be completed in less overall time. And, time is money. Our moto: get in, get it done, and then get out.

Thirdly: personal

There is nothing personal about online. Personal means, in person. That is to say: An instructor explains everything to you. And, in addition, will answer your question as soon as you ask it.

Above all: If you do fail an exam, the instructor will review it with you. And, provide additional instruction as needed. And then, you can retake, and pass the exam the same day.

In Conclusion

Online classes do work for some mariners. And, if you are one of them, good for you. However, in person classes work for over 99% of mariners. Mariners who failed to complete the online class, have no problems completing the in person class.

Because we are personal, we want to help you

First and foremost: our business is helping mariners. Selling classes is what we do to stay in business. Please call or email us if you have any license questions, even if you don’t take a class from us. We are happy to help.

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