March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter
The mission of Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime is to assist mariners in getting their professional deck credentials. Providing USCG approved courses is what we do to meet this mission.

This March 2021 Newsletter starts off with course schedule and school updates. And then some employment opportunities. And finally some interesting questions I have received over email. Meanwhile, if you find the info interesting please subscribe. On the other hand, if you unsubscribe I will not take it personal.

March 2021 Newsletter: ColPac School Schedule

At this time all courses have space available. Walk-ins are welcome, subject to space available. But, calling Pat at 503-841-6066 in advance will ensure that you have a spot. Additionally it allows us to print the course materials. Our complete school schedule is available online.

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime is closed March 29 thru April 4 for Easter Break.

March 2021 Newsletter: School News

New web-address

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime ( has moved to a new online address. However, the old address continues to be active with a forward to the new site. Moreover the new site is dynamic and contains much info in a user-friendly format.

New Courses: Celestial Navigation

The school has received approval for Celestial Navigation 200-ton (ColPac 104). Consequently this course will satisfy the exam requirements for increase in scope for Master 200-ton or less from Near Coastal to Oceans. Because this course is not on the schedule at this time please call or email for more info.

Most important the approval of ColPac 104 sets the foundation for a 500/1600-ton Celestial Navigation course. Therefore this course should satisfy the exam requirements for the upgrade of Master of Towing Or Master of Fishing from Near Coastal to Oceans. Watch the newsletter for updates.

New Courses: Tankerman-PIC

ColPac has recently submitted a Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids course to the National Maritime Center. To clarify, this course will satisfy the exam requirements for Tankerman-PIC (Barge) DL. But will not meet any transfer requirements. Watch the newsletter for upates.

March 2021 Newsletter: Employment Opportunities

Columbia Pacific (ColPac) Maritime is looking for part-time instructors. Applicants must hold an MMC National Officer Endorsement. Teaching experience is desired, but not a requirement. Email Dennis for more info.

UnCruise Adventures is hiring Chief Mates, Bosuns, Licensed Deckhands, and Assistant Engineers for the summer sailing season in Alaska. Interested applicants should apply online today.

Pacific Salmon Charters in Ilwaco, Washington has opens for charter boat captains. Minimum license requirement is Master 50-ton Near Coastal. In addition the applicant must be available to pass a drug screening. Please contact Pacific Salmon Charters at 1-360-642-3466 or 1-800-831-2695; or email

March 2021 Newsletter: Questions and Answers

I am always happy to answer questions relevant to MMC deck endorsements. Here are some of the ones I have answered the past few weeks. Email me your have a questions.

Physical Exam

Hi Dennis, I am looking for a list of qualified locations in the Portland area where I can get my physical completed. I thought at one time you had a list on your website but I am not seeing it. Do you have a list? Thank you.

Form 719K states that any physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner may conduct the physical. That said, I recommend health occupation clinics because of their experience with these type of physicals and paperwork. Portland has two recommended clinics. Concentra Medical Center has three locations in the Portland area. And NW Occupational Health Center in SW Portland.

Sea Service Experience

Hi Dennis… Do you happen to know if the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico is considered shoreward or seaward of the demarcation line for near coastal qualification purposes? …

The 72 COLREGS governs vessels operating in the Sea of Cortez. Consequently the Sea of Cortez is Near Coastal experience. It is that simple.


Do I need full STCW for 100/ 200 Master, 1600 Mate fishing?

No. STCW does not apply to uninspected fishing vessels or vessels less than 200 GRT. However you do need Advanced Firefighting for Master or Mate of Uninspected Fishing Industry Vessels. The Master / Mate of Fishing vessel course I offer will cover all exams and requirements.

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