Procedures for Preventing the spreading of viruses

Effective May 1, 2020 Columbia Pacific Maritime has adopted the following procedures for precenting the spreading of viruses.

Merchant Mariners and the Merchant Fleet have been identified as essential to the transportation industry and National Security. As an approved school that provides training courses to Mariners COLPAC is deemed essential as well. Because of this it is our duty and responsibility to maintain a regular schedule of courses for mariners, even during a pandemic. The following procedures shall be followed to ensure that these courses are provided in a safe and healthy environment that minimizes the spread of contagious viruses.

  1. Mariners with a fever, symptoms of a cold, flu, or other signs of a contagious virus will not be allowed in the classroom. They may reschedule the course for a latter date when they no longer show signs of infection with no additional charge.
  2. The practice of shaking hands, or any other unnecessary touching, shall be avoided.
  3. Sanitary stations containing hand sanitizer will be maintained in the office and classroom.
  4. COLPAC staff and students are instructed to wash their hands for no less than 20-seconds, or use hand sanitizer after using the restroom, or after having an exposure risk.
  5. All surfaces in the COLPAC office and classroom will be sanitized at the end of each day. SWOCC sanitizes the common surfaces in the Newmark Center daily.
  6. Resources such as calculators, pencils, navigation tools, and reference books provided by COLPAC shall be sanitized prior to the beginning of each course. Students may bring their own approved resources to use during the course, but in no case will students be allowed to exchange or use another student’s resources.
  7. Social distancing will be maintained during times of a declared pandemic by reducing the maximum number of students allowed in a course from 18 to 9.

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