The License Prep School is intended for mariners who are preparing
for National Deck Officer exams taken at a Regional Exam Center
(REC). Our primary focus is Master or Mate 500 or 1600 tons with
either an Inland or Near Coastal route. However the class may be
modified to include an all oceans route and or unlimited tonnage upon

Mariners are given up to one-year to complete their license prep
goals. It is recommended that a mariner have their US Coast Guard
approval to test letter before registering for license prep; so that the
duration of the license prep class matches their approval letter as
close as possible. The cost of License Prep School is $1,500. There
are three phases to the License Prep course.

Phase 1: Classroom Instruction
The class starts off with two-weeks (14 days) of classroom instruction
in exam subjects of Navigation General, Chart Navigation, Rules of
the Road, and Deck General, Safety, and Environmental Protection.

Phase 2: Distance Education
After completing the 112 hours of classroom instruction the student
will be given a flash drive from Freelance Software (
containing questions and study resources. They continue their studies
on their own with email support from the instructor. Mariners are
invited to come into the school for personal instruction as needed. It is
highly recommended that the mariner establish a regular email
schedule so that the instructor may monitor their progress.

Phase 3: Exam Strategy
Prior to taking the exam students should come into the school and
discuss a personal testing strategy for taking the exams at the REC.
Please email if you have any
questions or would like more information on this program.

    Please contact us with any questions regarding the License Prep
    Class or the sea service requirements for Master or Mate 500,
    1600, or Unlimited tonnage.

License Prep Help

During classroom hours (8AM to 4PM seven days a week) I respond to
email within a hour or two. Although my preference is email, I will
respond to text messages sent to my cell as I would email, and I will
return voice messages in the evening after class.

    Cell (503) 440-9005

When sending me a question please identify yourself and keep the
question concise and specific. If referencing a question on the
Freelance Software drive include the subject and question number at
the top of the page. I will respond with an answer as soon as possible.

Please call (503) 841-6066 to schedule this class or for more
Call (503) 841-6066
License Prep for 500 / 1600 ton Inspected
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We are located just east of the 205 Mall off Interstate 205 on SE
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Please call or email any questions, we are here to help.

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