Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Captain Information Page

Endorsements as Master (captain) and Mate of Fishing Vessels are
issued with tonnage limitations of from 500 to 5000 tons based on the
qualifying experience of the applicant. The operators of fishing
industry vessels less than 200 GRT are not required to hold
professional endorsements.

Professional Requirements for Fishing Vessel Endorsements

Mate of Fishing requires three years of total sea service that includes
18 months on ocean waters and one year on vessels over 50 tons.

Master of Fishing requires four years of total sea service that
includes two years on ocean waters, and one year as master or mate
on vessels over 50 tons while holding an endorsement as master,
mate, or OUPV.

Fishing Industry Vessel Training Package
These courses will satisfy the exam requirements for Master or Mate
of Fishing Industry Vessels.
  • COLPAC 281 Master 100 ton (10 days / $1,250)
  • COLPAC 526 Upgrade Master 100 to 200 ton (4 days / $650)
  • COLPAC 295 Master/Mate Fishing Vessel Upgrade (2 days / $450)

A mariner holding an existing endorsement need only complete the
prerequisite classes necessary for the upgrade.

Please check the
Master / Mate Page for scheduling options for this
training package; or call (503) 841-6066 for scheduling options or to

The Master/Mate of Fishing Vessel Upgrade (COLPAC 295) class may
be scheduled any Monday and Tuesday, OR Thursday and Friday
that the school is open. Please call (503) 841-6066 to schedule a
class or get more information.
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